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Hydrotherm therapy

Hydrotherm is a truly unique, three-dimensional massage technique, which allows the therapist to slide their hands under, over and around the client’s body in an uninterrupted motion.

The advantages of Hydrotherm Massage are numerous. Quite apart from achieving new heights of relaxation during a comfortable, undisturbed treatment, it is extremely beneficial for those people who cannot physically lie face down – the elderly and those with impaired mobility, asthma etc.

Aromatherapy and other massage therapies can used in combination with hydrotherm therapy,with a few exceptions.
We can discuss this with you when required.

All can receive a Hydrotherm Treatment without the discomfort associated with a conventional massage.

Full Prices below are for all treatments carried out at our place, for others places and corporate please contact us.
                                Mobile    Livingston
Upper body massage   £44             £40

Full Body Massage       £48            £42

Dont forget to check the booking button for our latest offers and discounts.

Please note that for information purposes hydrotherm massage is not under CNHC regulation at this time although general massage is, to which we are registered.

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