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What is aromatherapy?
    Aromatherapy is the mainly the use of essential oils mixed with carriers normally vegetable oils to allow application  to the body, to help with a range of conditions.Although it can be used in a number of other forms from topical applications via creams to steam baths.

What are essential oils and vegetable oils ?

         Essential oils are exactly what they say they are but not only to the completion of your treatment but also to the plants they come from. They are extracted from plants by different means generally through steam distillation but maybe through other means. The plants oils have different properties which can help different conditions. These essential oils are mixed in very small amount as some are very powerful with a carrier.These carriers  are  normally a vegetable based oils but could be  a cream or a gel. The purpose of these is to allow the essential oils to be spread over the area of the body and help with the absorption of the essential oils through your skin. Although these  latter oils are the basis for transporting the essential oils they too have a function of nourishing the skin. And will quickly absorb so you feel a nice tone to your skin.

What is the difference between buying a Aromatherapy product and
seeing a qualified BSc. Aromatherapist ?

        An off the shelf product has  a  very small amount of essential oils or maybe be even chemically generated. The true name for this is Aromacology, where you smell something nice it gives you a good feeling, an Aromatherapist will have studied for at least 3 years normally at degree level and fully understand the effects of the oils how they are transported in the body and what is safe to use on different people. They specifically blend oils just for you and are prescriptive to you and are likely to be a lot stronger concentration  than that of off the shelf products, or where a pre-blend oils are used for relaxation massage by another person. Always ensure that the person you see is qualified to an appropriate level. They have completed an appropriate  course and not a 12 week leisure one, they are fully insured.  A therapist can practice once they have an HNC or VTCT equivalent after one year training, but a practitioner will have had at least 3 years training at degree level.
        Many beauty therapist can only provide you with a treatment out of a pre made bottle. It is not specificaly blended  for you and can be of a weak strength. If you need a specific aliment look into the you you seek a professional BSc. qualified aromatherapist.

       Aromatherapy is able to help with a wide range of conditions, typically some are listed but is not a complete list, Sore back, sore neck, PMT, arthritis, eczema, osteoporosis, PMS, acne,oedema stress, menopausal conditions, depression, scar tissue, IBS, poor sleep, migraines, psoriasis, skin conditions, they not only look at the symptom but factors that may be influence them. Some of these conditions should be medically diagnosed to ensure  the best for your health

     Clinical aromatherapy is a specialist field where the practitioner  will carry out a extensive consultation with you, then subject to there being no contra indications (things that need GP  advice or treatments) to be able to carry out a special blend of essential oils to specifically for you.

        Some of these oils are very powerful so it is important that if you have any medications, or allergies you discuss these with your practitioner as it may affect the medication or your health. These may be applied in a number of ways, primary through massage, but may be through an inhalation, a compress, or  a medium such as a cream or gels. You would normally be asked to underdress to you underpants, and lay on a special couch, where you would be covered with towels,and blankets to ensure you remain warm and  at all time your modesty will be protected. You may see a male or female therapist, all have professional membership and extensive training in there field.  

Can I use aromatherapy while I am pregnant?

     As aromatherapy oils dissipate into the body and the blood  they would also affect your child you are carrying, some oils can be used in small amounts but only on advice from you aromatherapist who will advise when it OK too ,BUT as a generally rule do not use unless seeking properly qualified advice. A selection of carrier oils and massage is good during pregnancy, not only does it help maintain your figure nourish your skin but also help to reduce the risk of stretch marks  and  is also soothing for the baby and can  help with muscular aches and pains. You should always seek an Aromatherapist who has had  the appropriate training. We can offer this. 

Can it  be used it on my child ?

     This would be  subject to the age of the child and the reason for treatment , this is possible from a young age but as you would expect a full informed consent would be sought. Where this is not possible complience with vunerable persons act would be applied. An appropriate adult should also be present.

    These treatments are based  on often  a series of treatments ensuring you get the best for your health. It may combined with other therapies to ensure you gain the best from your session. Treatments sessions are typically about  between 30  and  80 minutes dependant upon  what is being treated.

     Prices are subject to clinical needs , discounts are available  for chronic  and long term condition subject to terms. Please contact us to discuss. For special medical conditions please contact us to discuss.

We may advise purchase of item(s) from our natural product range to support you, these are to supplement your treatment and are discretionary. 
Our normal full price are below. Although we run a number of promotions please use the booking button for the latest deals and offers. Call us and we can normal find you an appointment at a good price.
Concessions available subject to availability at 10% of above prices (must be disclosed at time of booking booking direct with us).



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