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What can we do for you ?

Can we help You ?

Whilst complementary therapies are good for alot of conditions , there are also some which they are not. They can help relieve conditions and symptoms, and increase general well being. Typically clinical aromatherapy can help with sore backs, sore necks, stress related symptoms, It can help to boost confidence, help with dry skin conditions and GP diagnosed PMS, IBS, depression, menopausal symptoms, arthritis both oesto and rheumatoid, migranes, acne, psoriasis and eczema, back injuries, and just a few of the more common issues, Many people suffer with injuries that are caused by accidents through driving, ice, snow or work, broken bones, a large majority of these can be helped through therapy, and many more, call us or drop us a email to find out more.
Or if you just would like to treat yourself or a loved one we can provide relaxing treatments. These are normally carried out at our premsies but can be arranged at other places subject to conditions.


We provide complementary therapy services from Aromatherapy, Massage, LaStone therapy, Hydrotherm massage, Reflexology, and Reiki. from both our Livingston clinic and in southern Hampshire.
Being CNHC registered we can work in conjunction with your medical practitioner if and where required to ensure the best for your health. Complementary treatments are not an alternative where specialist medical care is required, so we would always refer you to the most appropriate person, if we felt this necessary. 

Towards a healthy future

We are to constantly expanding our range  to bring complementary products and services available to all.

We are members of the Federation of Holistic Therapist and Professional Association of Clinicial Therapist (PACT)

We are fully registered with  the public facing UK's National Complementary Natural Health Care Council (CNHC)  for Aromatherapy, massage and shortly reflexology, and is the only one supported by the UK governement through the HRH Prince of Wales .
Please note that not all the therapies we provide are directly regulated by the CNHC. But ALL are covered under FHT, to which we are fully insured to practice.



  Please see individual notes at the base of each page regarding if that therapy is regulated by the CNHC

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