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What is reflexology?


Reflexology is based on 10 zones running through your body,also sometimes know as zone therapy, and thereby re-aligning theses zones , re-aligns the body into an homeostatis (equal) balance. 

It is applying controlled presure to 'reflexes' in primarily your feet but could also be your hands,that are mapped to various parts of your body.These area's hold hidden secrets, the sort can help you get over old injuries, help you relax, and also give you more energy. It is also good help to break stress cycles, and increase  sleep quality. Each of the latter is dependant upon the individual.     

               Like all therapies an in depth consultation will take place this is for your own well being and this will also help identify markers  that may show during your treatment, and thus ensure that you gain the best from the treatment.

        Reflexology is  primarily completed on your feet although it can be done on hands and face. It produces a deep relaxation and starts to allow the body to try and re-align itself. It may initially re-awaken a symptom but this should disappear once the  healing has taken place and is unlikely to bother you again.

          I have tickly feet, does it tickle?  As the feet  are mapped by the reflexologist you may find that some area's are more sensitives than others, but as this is done in a firm but gentle manor you should not find it tickly although for those with very sensitive feet  you may find that it feels different.


             What is mapping? This is where the reflexologist works over all area's of the feet individually  and where they come across crystals ( stored  problem area's) they map them onto  your consultation sheet. These area's are then worked over to help reawaken the troubled area and allow it to restore to its natural path way.

          For example should you have an itchy instep is this something going on around the middle of  your body?


       As sessions are dependant upon what is uncovered in your feet the length of a session may vary. typically between 50 and 90 Min's. To receive the most benefit a course of treatments of about 4 to 6 weeks may be recommended at a week a part, but you can also just have the one treatment.

       You may find that you have what is termed a 'healing crisis', nothing to be alarmed about , this is the body trying to heal itself. It should pass in a few days. This  should get shorter as treatments continue, until you do not notice them, and the problem area should also become less of a problem. 


Part of Reiki treatment can involve energy work,which the therapist may influence as part of the treatment. 

If you have any further questions or want to know more please contact us.

                              Mobile           Livingston
                           S. Hampshire       Clinic

Full Prices      40 mins  £40         £36
                    60 mins  £42         £40 
                    80 mins  £46         £42

per hour or part there off for treatment carried out at our therapy centre for other places please contact us
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Sessions generally last approx 60 Min's but may last up to 90 Min's dependant upon client needs.


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