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LA Stone therapy

 LA Stone Therapy is the original Stone therapy. It is not Hot stone therapy but a specialist combination of hot and cold stones being used in a holistic way to help give you an outstanding experience.   

Why use hot and cold stones? The change of uses of stones makes blood flow exchanges greater and in turn creates a treatment that is alot  more powerful. It has the effect of what one massage stroke being increased significantly.    

     The stones are used in a number of ways, from being used in massage strokes to being placed under parts of the body. These latter stones are then covered with a sheet or pillowcase to protect you from direct contact with the stones. The time of a treatment will initially be shorter to ensure that your body, is able to tolerate the changes and receives the benefit of the treatment.

    La Stone Therapy is the original hot stone massage company which was created in 1993 in the USA by a woman called Mary Nelson. La Stone Therapy uses hot and cold stones to treat clients. Thermotherapy (the use of hot & cold) is the fundamental ingredient for achieving success in body therapy. La Stone has spent years of research and experimentation in working with extreme temperature ranges and the stones energies,its  effect has been adapted from ancient tribal teaching from native American Indian's. All  La Stone  do is stone massage -This is how LaStone therapist understand the gift that the stones temperatures can bring.     

Why do we need the cold stones?

        The body needs alternating temperature to bring about a vascular gymnastics in the circulatory system. With the chemical response that happens internally when temperature is delivered, the body can begin the process of healing itself. In simple terms it makes the blood and fluids in the body move quicker and in turn helps the healing process quicker.Just using hot stones applies an extensive load on the bodies internal organs and can lead to serious health conditions unless specifically advised, for that reason there are a number of conditions which may be contra-indicated (Not suitable for La Stone Therapy for your own health safety)     
As with all therapies is is important you disclose conditions and medication both prescriptive and over the counter as well as any other alternative treatments to your practitioner. You will be asked to sign a consultation to save you have.      An aspect of La Stone therapy is that it works with energy fields around your body, which maybe be influenced as part of your treatment.
     Treatment are prices for completion at our therapy centre . La Stone treatment are not normally carried out outwith centre due to logistical issues. 

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Please note that for information purposes that La Stone therapy is not under CNHC regulation but general massage is, to which we are registered.

Full Stone therapy is only carried out in Livingston, due to significant weigh movements, we do offer a modified mobile stone treatment also.

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