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Customer feedback
The doctor had put me on nerve pain pills thinking I might have permanant pain and restriction, so went to see Kevin , at first  I was very sensitive because of the pain I was in on 12 pain killers a day, but after a number of treatments I was quickly able to reduce the pain killers and gain all my movement back. I now enjoy full health and no need for pain killers. 
Thank you 

I have a rare condtion which means I go into anaphylatic shock if I take anti -inflamatory pills, I had sciatica and a numb leg from my back to the ball of my foot, over a number of weeks Kevin carefully helped restore my movement and get rid of the numbness in my leg. Best of all my horse also liked the smells and was kind to me. A big thank you.

I have suffered on and off for years with stress and  moody depressions, I have now been able to put my life in a  better order and and manage things better due to the support of Kevin and using aromatherapy .

I had a painful back for 9 months , I had been to see physios, chiropractors , suffered months of painful nights of poor sleep. I was amazed that one treatment sorted my back in less than an hour.

I was diagnoised with ME and sceptical about getting treatments, and how Aromatherapy could he me, I was supported through out, but over the last few months Kevin has help myself to become more active and have a better ablity to cope. Many Thanks

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